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High Speed Doors for Modern Environments

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High Speed Doors for Modern Environments

Coldshield's high speed doors give you the ultimate combination of innovative engineering with design simplicity.  Designed and manufactured in Australia, we build and install high speed doors to suit your individual application. The final specifications of colour, size, integration to building design and specific functionality are all customised to your needs.


The quality of Coldshield’s high speed doors can be seen years after installation in the most demanding environments.



  • Vehicles can approach the doors at a variety of speeds up to 14km/h and fast access is also seen with the opening/closing speeds up to 2.5m/sec.
  • Doors can be programmed using activation methods that suit your application.
  • Energy losses and environmental issues are greatly reduced when door opening times are reduced to seconds.



  • A unique soft bottom edge curtain system virtually eliminates risk of injury to pedestrians.
  • Concealed photo-electric safety switches prevent Coldshield high speed doors from closing on obstructions in the doorway.



  • Coldshield high speed doors have few moving parts, ensuring minimal maintenance and long service life.
  • Effective brush seals - seal against the door curtain helping to prevent temperature and air loss, as well as an effective barrier against dust, insects etc.


High speed doors are crash tested and come with a unique relocation system which re-inserts the door curtain back into its guides after an impact. This has seen a reduction in costly repairs to doors that have been impacted moving vehicles.


Contact us today to talk to our specialised sales consultant about how high speed doors can benefit your business. Call +61 7 4887 4500 or email