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Air Curtains

Coldshield has added air curtains to their extensive range of doorway traffic products. Coldshield Air Curtains help create comfortable conditions for your customers and staff and allow open door trading in retail outlets as they provide uninterrupted access for passing trade.

Air curtains are an unseen barrier to doorways and the benefits are felt instantly. Air curtains unobtrusively control your doorway entries to create a more comfortable, clean and hygienic working environment while also improving the energy efficiency of your buildings and work areas.

Open doorways greatly contribute to energy losses which are costly to your business and can allow airborne nuisances like insects, dust and odours to enter the building and work environment.

Coldshield Air Curtains force a powerful curtain of air to floor level as a protective barrier to your clean zone and features three adjustable fan speeds.

Unwanted dust, fumes, odours and general outdoor pollution will be shut out with the installation of Coldshield Air Curtains while increasing the comfort and hygiene of your work areas.

Coldshield Air Curtains can be used to help reduce your energy costs by up to 80% through open doorways. The cost of installing Coldshield Air Curtains will be quickly repaid and you will have the reassurance of permanent economic and environmental benefits.

Coldshield Air Curtains are easy to clean and maintain with a corrosion resistant powder-coated aluminum casing, with high airflow / low noise industrial duty centrifugal fans. They can be installed onto any surface with full size mounting plates and come with remote control and prewired for remote door switching which means the air curtain will only start when the door is opened.