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2400 & 3000 SERIES
Medical Doors

2400 & 3000 Series - Medical Doors 1
2400 & 3000 Series - Medical Doors 2
2400 & 3000 Series - Medical Doors 3
Coldshield Doors have a host of features that are of great benefit to the medical industry.

  • Nylon and acetyl bearings and pivots ensure silent and smooth operation.
  • No lubrication required as the bearing materials are metal free. No more messy unsightly grease on your doors.
  • Standard Coldshield Doors DO NOT mount to the floor. This allows uninterrupted cleaning and avoids disturbing costly floor finishes.
  • A large range of Privacy finishes are available they include:
    -  Coloured Texaflex guarantees total block out and a vision window may be incorporated to meet your specifications. Excellent for laser surgery rooms.
    -  Clear Texaflex allows partial visibility without blocking light. This material has a high gloss finish for easy cleaning.
    -  Traditional Opaque finish is requested by some clients especially if matching older existing doors is required.
  • Coldshield 2400 Series Doors have an Anodised Aluminum frame work. This ensures lightweight, strong doors with a highly durable finish well suited for Hospital Theatres, Prep Rooms and Scrub Rooms.


  • Coldshield 3000 Series Doors are fully welded with a powdercoated aluminium frame for heavy duty doorways and is well suited to laundry, kitchen and store room type use.
  • The 4500 Series Doors are an excellent option where a solid style traffic door is required. This door has excellent sealing and insulation properties.
  • The 5000 Series Door is a fully moulded insulated door that is watertight and never needs painting or cladding. This is a perfect replacement for those timber doors.