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Thermal Traffic Doors

Kickplates, Spring Buffers, Signage

Consider some of the following options to upgrade your 4500 Series Doors to achieve improved usuablility longer door life and to enhance visual appeal. A safer throughfare for traffic for all concerned.

Spring Buffers
A fully moulded polyethelene loop that is bolted to the door panel under compression, this creates an incredibily robust spring buffer that absorbs impacts. This is a vastly superior method to other heat formed type buffers that will inveitably fail and crack prematurely.

These are a flat polyethelene plate that is fixed to the door panel to protect from gouging and scratching. This option does not absorb impact from trolleys.

Due to the unique feature of the 4500 Series Doors having double glazred vision windows we are able to offer custom signage incaptionlated between the two window panes thus protecting your message from damage and ensuring that it is always able to read.

Push Plates
These are a polished stainless steel plate that is fixed to the door panel to encourage door opening at this point, thus minimizing unsightly door panel marking.