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Corrosion Resistant Doors

5000 Series Corrosion Resistant Doors 1
5000 Series Corrosion Resistant Doors 2
5000 Series Corrosion Resistant Doors 3
5000 Series Corrosion Resistant Doors leave no alternative for any corrosive or wash down environment.

One piece construction of the polyethylene shell with an ultra high density CFC Free Urethane foam core ensures that the panel is impervious to almost all cleaning chemicals and solvents. An impressive R value of 3 provides the benefits where temperature control is a requirement.

The ultimate answer to all your hygiene and wash down applications.

Panels are impregnated with permanent colour and never require paint or surface treatments.

Mounting into your hardware or ours the 5000 Series doors can be retro fitted to any existing opening, matching existing door mounting systems.

Panels come standard with 10 year warranty against corrosion.

A large range of panel colours are available to suit the most discerning client’s decor specifications. Choose from standard sizes and colour or we can customise panels to suit your specifications.

The 5000 Series door can fitted off with any standard door hardware available on the market today.
This panel can be cut, planed and screwed into just like a timber door expect it never requires painting and is impervious to moisture.
Door packages are available in kit form including hardware and fasteners or installation is available by our qualified team.

Market leaders in barrier and door systems for energy and hygiene control, Coldshield brings you the latest in Corrosion Resistant Doors.