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Compass System

Compass System 1
Compass System 2
Compass System 3
The Compass System is a unique combination of travelling beams and PVC barriers for installation into refrigerated truck bodies to save energy, stabilise temperatures and create different zones. As the vehicle is unloaded this curtain system can be moved forward so as to minimise the area needing to be refrigerated. The PVC curtains are configured as a two piece side to side sliding unit to provide a clear opening for uninterrupted access when loading/unloading your deliveries.

This system will withstand daily hosing down as all components are anodised aluminium, stainless steel or nylon. No lubrication is ever required and all components are built to last the life of the truck body. The system runs on wall mounted tracks ensuring loads and forces are spread over both walls of the body, with the roof structure left untouched.