EX Series High Speed Doors

Looking for a solution to internal traffic doorways? The EX Series rapid roller door combines unique design features such as an integrated light curtain and a ‘soft edge’ curtain design which is laterally tensioned for fast and smooth operation. It has the ability to open at speeds of up to 3.0m/sec with automatic relocating curtain option. Our EX Series high speed doors are custom built as a solution to your internal door needs.

Two closed blue high speed doors inside a factory. A grey high speed rapid door inside a supermarket. Two EX rapid roller doors inside a food processing factory. A grey high speed door inside a supermarket loading dock area. An open rapid door inside a factory. A closed rapid door inside a factory.

Innovative high speed door solution

The EX Series high speed door range is a highly versatile and robust design configurable to suit almost any application requiring a safe, efficient and fast acting door. The small footprint and the innovative design of the product provides you with a cost-effective, quieter and reliable alternative to traditional rapid roll doors. Full stainless steel options are available.

Faster, Safer, Smarter

The industry-leading design of our tooth and track self-tensioning curtain provides you with an extremely safe and fast door. Utilising this curtain design eliminates the requirement for windbars, ensuring a faster and smoother operation.

The laterally tension ‘soft edge’ curtain design, combined with our highly visible yellow soft bottom edge and integrated cross-linked light curtains, offer superior safety to traditional rapid roll door products.

3 M/S







light curtain

Potential Applications

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Key Features

High speed design

Opening speeds of up to 3m/second.

Smart, Minimalist Design

Ultra-small footprint combined with fully enclosed anodised aluminium facia and column providing you with a clean, attractive and hygienic product.

Safety Light Curtains

1800mm high integrated cross-linked safety light curtains provide the ultimate in safety.

Crash out system

Unique automatic relocations function in the event of an accidental impact on the door.

and made

A proudly Australian-owned and operated company, Coldshield has built a reputation as an industry leader, manufacturing traffic doors and customised access solutions. If you require a door system that will sustain hundreds of cycles per day of harsh treatment from pallet trolleys, forklifts or simply constant pedestrian use, we are sure to have a product that will meet your needs.

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