HS Series High Speed Doors

The HS Series high speed rapid roll door range is the ideal solution for larger or external doorways. The HS Series high speed doors can be configured up to very large, custom sizes. Different designs and configurations are available with opening speeds of up to 2.5m/second based on usage requirements. Fully integrated brush seals and a unique automatic relocation curtain system are just the start of the benefits of the Coldshield HS Series rapid roll doors.

A high speed door opening inside a food processing factory with a worker about to walk through. A man walking through an open high speed door at a food processing factory. A large high speed door inside an industrial facility. Two closed rapid roll doors with blue bollards in front of one inside an industrial facility. A man walking through an open high speed door in a medical facility with a no touch button in view. Two red high speed doors closed inside a factory. A closed blue rapid roll door inside a factory. A closed high speed door on the outside of a factory. A forkift going through an open rapid roll door inside a factory. A large rapid roller door inside a factory. A closed high speed door with two bollards next to it inside a factory. A closed rapid roll door inside a warehouse. A closed rapid roll door in a hydraponics facility. A large rapid roller door outside a factory. A large high speed door inside a factory.

Customised high speed doors

Each door becomes unique to your application and environment. The Movidor HS Series fast acting doors starts at a level above and beyond the industry standard and can be further customised to solve your specific requirements from there, such as upgrading to an acoustic curtain for additional environment control or maybe you have a unique installation challenge that our experienced team can help you solve.

Faster, Safer, Smarter high speed door

The Coldshield HS Series Movidor rapid roll door range embodies the key advantages of Coldshield’s high speed door range over conventional rapid doors. Ultra-smooth German engineered motors and controllers provide fast and reliable operation whilst keeping safety and the total cost of ownership at the forefront.

With integrated, laterally tensioned windbars, and low friction track liners, the Movidor HS series will operate smoothly in all conditions, including high wind, dusty, low temperature or wet environments. Full stainless steel options are available.






curtain relocation


for safety

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Key Features

'Soft Edge' curtain design

Soft edge safety curtain eliminates a tensioned bottom bar. The soft, flexible edge will not cause bodily harm in accidental contact.

Crash Out System

Unique automatic relocations function in the event of the accidental impact on the door.

Brush Seal

Full surround brush seal for optimum protection against air loss/gain and airborne contaminants. It also assists in maintaining pressure differential between rooms.

Photo-Electric Beams

Photo-electric beams provide a high level of safety and reverse the door in the event of traffic entering the doorway during a closing cycle.

Potential Applications




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Industrial packaging
& processing

dock areas

High wind

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A proudly Australian-owned and operated company, Coldshield has built a reputation as an industry leader, manufacturing traffic doors and customised access solutions. If you require a door system that will sustain hundreds of cycles per day of harsh treatment from pallet trolleys, forklifts or simply constant pedestrian use, we are sure to have a product that will meet your needs.

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