Automatic Doors

Designed with convenience in mind, Coldshield’s automatic doors offer not only seamless operation but also boast a host of remarkable features. Our sliding and swing automatic door operators are equipped with state-of-the-art brushless motors and new generation electronic control units.

The brushless motor has little to no wear and its service life is approximately ten times longer, drastically reducing the frequency of maintenance work. The exclusive, patented position of the Hall sensor in the motor makes it compact in size, highly functional and protects it from accidental breakage. Our automatic doors operators can be retrofitted onto most doors.

An operator on an automatic door inside a factory. An automatic swing door inside a hospital. A door to a coldroom with an automatic operator on top. An automatic sliding door inside a hospital. An automatic sliding door inside a retail shop. No touch automatic sliding doors inside a food production factory. An automatic swing door inside a retail shop.

Automatic Sliding Door

Coldshield’s automatic sliding door operators use direct-drive brushless motors with no reduction gear instead of conventional DC brushed gear motors. This increases efficiency by over 60% compared with traditional drive motors and has the added benefit of quieter operation.

Automatic Swing Door

Our electric swing door operators use custom designed brushless motors with reduction gear. The use of brushless motors reduces electricity consumption and increases efficiency by over 30% compared with brushed motors. The wing movement arm is directly connected to the gearbox and is reversible for left or right operation.

Direct drive

brushless motors

1M cycle

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Key Features

Quiet and efficient

Brushless motors on our automatic door operators are very quiet with greatly improved efficiency and controllability.

Low maintenance

Brushless motors drastically reduce maintenance costs and also result in significant energy savings.

Customisable electronic control unit

The new generation electronic control unit has been developed on a basic platform with potential for expansion and customisation.

Variable voltage power supply

100-240 V (50/60 Hz) with switch mode technology to guarantee a +15% increase in efficiency and a reduction in energy consumption.

Sensor support system

An exclusive, patented magnetic snap on/off sensor support system greatly reduces installation and service time for our automatic doors.

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Coldshield’s team of experts can customise and install the perfect solution to your doorway and access requirements. We source only premium quality parts and manufacture in our Australian factory, providing you with durable and low maintenance products that will withstand the test of time.

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