Coldshield’s Bollards feature a unique design that deflects on impact, saving accidental damage to both the building and your vehicles. Each heavy duty Bollard is constructed from high density, moulded polyethylene. This is an incredibly tough material which recovers from low impact and has amazing shock absorbing qualities.

Red polyethylene bollards outside an industrial factory. A forklift with a pallet hitting a yellow bollard, which is bending and absorbing the shock. Yellow bollards in a supermarket car park. A yellow bollard bent by a car. Yellow bollards outside roller shutters on a factory doorway. Yellow bollards inside a facility. The base of a yellow bollard attached to cement.

Protect your resources

Bollards protect your doorways, inventory, buildings and equipment from unnecessary and costly damage caused by mechanised traffic including forklifts, cars and trucks. All corners are safely rounded and all fixings concealed. They can also be used to extend the life of any double-acting traffic door by limiting the travel of the door panel, therefore preventing damage caused when the doors are over extended.

Heavy duty bollards

Designed for use in high moisture, corrosive or ultra-clean environments, our heavy duty plastic Bollards provide additional levels of safety both inside and outside of the warehouse or building. The high-density polyethylene material will not corrode and never require paint or surface treatments. Multiple fixing points at the base of the Bollard means in the event that a fixing point is ruptured, you may be able to simply remove the Bollard and rotate to a new fixing point. Steel bollards are also available.






for your assets


on impact

Potential applications

Key Features

Flexible and impact absorbing

Polyethylene is a proven alternative to traditional steel bollards.


Bright yellow and red are kept in stock. Custom colours are available on request.

Never require painting

The colour is impregnated into polyethylene and is non-corrosive.

Surface protection

Bollards won’t damage the mounting surface.

Easy to install

Coldshield Bollards are people friendly and easy to install.

We handle
All Aspects of
Your Ideal Fitout

Coldshield’s team of experts can customise and install the perfect solution to your doorway and access requirements. We source only premium quality parts and manufacture in our Australian factory, providing you with durable and low maintenance products that will withstand the test of time.

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