Coldshield’s flexible PVC curtains are a simple and effective way of controlling an environment and protecting against contaminants whilst providing exceptional benefits, especially within coldrooms or freezer environments.

From the smallest coolroom opening to the largest industrial warehouse facility, we have a range of plastic door curtain solutions available for hygiene and energy control. Easily installed, strip curtains require minimal ongoing maintenance and are available in a range of styles and grades to suit a variety of applications.

A graph showing the benefit of a PVC strip curtain in maintaining temperature in a cold room. A staff member walking through a PVC strip curtain into a cool room in a supermarket. Strip curtains inside a freezer room in a warehouse. Short strip curtains hanging from the roof of a delivery centre. A staff member walking through a PVC strip curtain into a cold room in a food processing factory. A PVC strip curtain in a freezer environment in a warehouse. A strip curtain at the entry to a cold room in a supermarket. Strip curtains on the side door of a refrigerated truck. Strip curtains separating rooms in an indoor workspace. Short yellow strip curtains hanging from the roof of a retail shop. Strip curtains making a barrier on top of a dividing wall in a factory. A forklift driving through a strip curtain doorway. Strip curtains in the doorway of a supermarket freezer room. A strip curtain inside a supermarket backroom.

Strip curtain benefits

Coldshield PVC strip curtains help to control temperature, ice, insects, vermin, birds, noise and visibility. Don’t just think cool rooms and freezers; strip curtains can be used for insulated vehicles, warehouses, welding areas, heavy industrial, and entry and exit doorways. There is no end for their use. Coldshield can custom manufacture a PVC curtain to suit your needs.

Energy savings from PVC curtains

Coldshield’s plastic door strips are a cost-effective solution to save energy whilst protecting your employees, products and investments. Tests have been conducted under the supervision of an independent engineer (Leroy Palmer & Associates RPEQ5208) to prove that Coldshield strip curtains can provide energy savings up to an impressive 24%.

Up to 24%

energy savings


your environment




for freezers and coolrooms

Potential applications

Key Features

Temperature control

Maintains controlled temperatures with less fluctuations.

Limits intrusion

Limits insects, dust and bacterial intrusion and reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

UV stabilised

UV stabilised to prevent deterioration whilst allowing light for visibility and safety.

Ribbed profile

Optional ribbed profile to further prevent icing together in freezers, reduce abrasions and help maintain strip clarity.

Mounting system

Range of unique hardware mounting systems including heavy duty, compact and hook on to suit requirements.

and made

A proudly Australian-owned and operated company, Coldshield has built a reputation as an industry leader, manufacturing traffic doors and customised access solutions. If you require a door system that will sustain hundreds of cycles per day of harsh treatment from pallet trolleys, forklifts or simply constant pedestrian use, we are sure to have a product that will meet your needs.

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