Strip Curtains & Screens

Premium PVC strip and curtain solutions

Coldshield takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of flexible PVC strip and sheet options designed to enhance your workspace and refrigerated transportation.

Our diverse products include premium strip door curtains, PVC screens, bulk or replacement PVC strips, and innovative strip curtain mounting systems. We also offer our specialised Compass System for refrigerated trucks which saves energy and improves temperature consistency. Embrace the excellence of Coldshield's premium PVC options and elevate your operations to new heights.

A staff member walking through a PVC strip curtain into a cold room in a food processing factory.

Strip Curtains

Flexible PVC strip curtains provide energy savings while protecting employees, products and investments. From the smallest coolroom to the largest industrial warehouse facility, make the most of Coldshield’s experience to control temperature, ice, noise and contaminants in your environment.

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A PVC screen separating a work area in a food processing factory.

PVC Screens

Partition your work environment with a PVC curtain or screen while enhancing safety, hygiene and temperature control. Coldshield takes pride in offering high quality PVC screens that are manufactured from premium grade materials, ensuring they can withstand harsh environments and heavy usage.

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Rolls of PVC strips in a warehouse.

Wholesale PVC

Coldshield stocks a wide range of premium, flexible PVC door strips. Bulk stocks of a wide range of widths, thickness, grades and colours are warehoused for immediate despatch of your plastic door strip requirements.

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A PVC strip curtain with a hook on mounting system.

Strip Curtain Mounting Systems

Coldshield has developed a range of unique strip curtain mounting systems for your workplace. Our mounting systems have been designed and proven to ensure fast installation and long-term performance in all applications and environments.

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A man removing boxes on a pallet from inside a refrigerated truck through movable PVC strips.

Compass Systems

The Compass System is a unique combination of travelling beams and PVC strips for installation into refrigerated truck bodies to save energy, stabilise temperatures and create different zones.

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Boost energy efficiency with PVC strips

Experience a boost in energy efficiency with Coldshield's flexible PVC strip curtain and screen products. They maintain consistent temperatures while reducing fluctuations to a minimum.

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PVC curtains improve hygiene

Elevate hygiene standards and safeguard your environment with the implementation of strip curtains or screens. These effective solutions act as formidable barriers, minimising the intrusion of contaminants like dust, insects, vermin, and birds.

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Variety of applications

Coldshield’s variety of PVC strips and screen products find versatile applications across diverse industries, including food production, warehousing, manufacturing plants, and healthcare organisations. These adaptable solutions, which are particularly valuable in coldroom or freezer environments, effectively control temperatures, while maintaining easy accessibility and visibility.

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Coldshield’s team of experts can customise and install the perfect solution to your doorway and access requirements. We source only premium quality parts and manufacture in our Australian factory, providing you with durable and low maintenance products that will withstand the test of time.

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