Imagine a bump rail system that outperforms traditional timber and aluminium bump rails, and never requires painting. Coldshield has developed an exceptional wall-to-wall bump rail system constructed from unique plasticised vinyl. It is ultra-durable, enabling it to return to its original shape and condition even after heavy impact. Protect not only walls and doorways, but pipe work, electrical cabinets, air conditioners, fire services and other fixtures in your building.

Bumprail wall protection system; Black plastic PVC bump rails protecting walls inside a healthcare facility Black PVC shatter resistant bumprails around a produce display in a supermarket. Grey plastic PVC bumprails with grooved finish protecting a wall inside a building. bump rail wall protection system, Manufactured from premium A3 grade extruded PVC. Bumprails shown next to a door inside a warehouse. Black PVC bumprails along a corridor wall inside a building; bump rail wall protection system is ultra-durable and can withstand heavy impact Bumprails wall protection system used in a factory in conjunction with heavy duty bollards and a rapid roll high speed door. base board Bumprails shown protecting a pole in a supermarket;  plasticised vinyl wall protection against heavy impact.

Strong & durable

Manufactured from premium A3 grade extruded PVC, our bump rail wall protection system can withstand low temperatures without becoming brittle. It is also capable of withstanding heat and exposure to UV rays or water. It is made from the same compound as roadside guideposts and vinyl weatherboards and is shatter-resistant. It is the ideal protection for walls in any trolley traffic area.

Easy to install 

Clever and easy to install, Coldshield’s PVC bump rail features a two-piece design. The backing is fixed to the wall at the desired height and then concealed by the front cover which clips over the top for a neat and safe finish. The front fascia features a tough grooved finish to hide scratches and blemishes over long-term use. It is the ultimate stylish solution to protect walls, corridors, cool rooms, and refrigeration cases in any trolley traffic area, in any industry.




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requires repainting

Potential applications

Bumprail key features

Minimalist style

Smart, minimalist styling with two colour options available to match corporate décor.

Hides marks & scratches

The lightly grooved surface of the bump rail hides the marking and scratching of constant traffic impact.


Tough plasticised vinyl construction is shatter resistant and temperature stable.

Simple installation

Easy to install modular bump rail system, with concealed fixing plate, and clip-on fascia panel.

Professional finish

Smart corner and end moulds for a quick yet professional finish.

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Coldshield’s team of experts can customise and install the perfect solution to your doorway and access requirements.

We source only premium quality parts and manufacture in our Australian factory, providing you with durable and low maintenance products that will withstand the test of time.

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