Coldshield recently supplied and installed a series of PVC Swing Doors for Anaconda Hervey Bay. This project included both 2400 Series and 3000 Series traffic doors leading from the stock areas to the internal customer space. These installations were strategically added to facilitate traffic movement while providing necessary privacy to the back-of-house zones.


Coldshield's flexible PVC swing doors are designed to withstand extremely high cycles with minimal maintenance. The doors can be pushed open and automatically close, ensuring smooth and safe access for personnel and goods. The see-through or coloured PVC options provide excellent visibility and ease of operation, making them ideal for high-traffic environments.


The strength of Coldshield’s PVC swing doors comes from their construction - the 7mm thick food-grade quality PVC panels are supported by aluminium door stiles and gussets which are powder-coated or anodised for added protection. Equipped with acetyl bearings, pivots, and stainless steel fasteners, these doors are built to last. The self-closing double swinging doors used in Anaconda Hervey Bay feature fully adjustable spring-loaded tension, accommodating various applications from pedestrian to forklift traffic.


Energy Efficiency - One of the standout benefits of Coldshield's PVC swing doors is their energy-saving capability. By acting as a barrier to prevent temperature changes, these doors help reduce energy costs significantly.

Maintenance-Free Design - Coldshield doors are built with lubrication-free components, including pivots, hinges, spring mechanisms, and mounting hardware. This non-corrosive design ensures longevity and hassle-free maintenance.

The recent installation of Coldshield PVC Swing Doors at Anaconda Hervey Bay highlights their effectiveness in improving traffic movement and maintaining privacy in busy environments. These doors offer robust construction, safety features, and efficiency, making them a smart investment for any high-traffic area.

Ready to improve your facility with Coldshield’s PVC swing doors or looking for alternative traffic door solutions? Contact us today for a consultation and discover how our solutions can benefit your operations.

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