The DHL cold chain perishables distribution warehouse at Brisbane Airport is a pivotal addition to Brisbane's logistics infrastructure. Developed in partnership with Tomkins Commercial, Coldshield played a crucial role by installing a variety of custom doorway and access systems. These installations ensure operational efficiency and uphold the integrity of the diverse range of products stored and distributed by the warehouse.


Coldshield's selection of products was guided by a commitment to reducing DHL's environmental impact while maximising operational efficiency. The expansive DHL distribution warehouse, covering 4,806m², includes 3,048m² of ambient space and 2,000m² designated for cold rooms and freezers - Coldshield was tasked with the design and installation of multiple doorway and access solutions to meet these needs. The installation included:

  • 9 Insulated Sectional Doors
  • 6 Movidor HS Series Rapid Roll Doors
  • 2 High Speed Insulated Roller Shutters
  • 10 Stainless Steel Industrial High Speed Air Curtains
  • A Movichill Freezer Rapid Roll Door

The fit-out at Brisbane’s DHL cold chain perishables distribution warehouse exemplifies Coldshield's ability to deliver bespoke solutions for temperature-sensitive environments. Each installation was designed to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency, demonstrating Coldshield’s expertise in creating high-impact, environmentally conscious access solutions


For businesses seeking reliable and efficient custom doorway and access solutions, Coldshield offers unparalleled expertise and a proven track record. Contact Coldshield today to discuss how our tailored solutions can meet your specific requirements and enhance your operational efficiency.

External image of DHL Brisbane; Coldshield installed custom traffic door, high speed rapid roll doors, insulated roller shutters, industrial high speed air curtains, a movichill freezer rapid roll door. DHL BNE 02 Internals 39 copy Industrial warehouse interior showing 3 sectional doors to the left and a Movidor HS series high speed rapid roll door Three large closed sectional doors on a loading dock on the outside of a warehouse. A custom high velocity air barrier industrial air curtain above a rapid-roll high-speed door on the exterior of a warehouse. A closed yellow thermal high speed Movidor HS Rapid roll door on a freezer inside a factory. Industrial warehouse interior showing a Movidor HS series high speed rapid roll door in front of a custom insulated sectional door Industrial warehouse interior showing a Movidor HS series high speed rapid roll door Remote activating Industrial air curtain above a customised roller shutter on the exterior door of a industrial warehouse facility A custom industrial air curtain system above a corrosion-resistant traffic door inside a cold storage refrigeration warehouse.

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