New fit out solutions

Coldshield was approached by Woolworths to supply and install a range of doors and wall protection products for their new store in West End. As a long-term partner of Woolworths, Coldshield provided a comprehensive solution to meet the specific requirements of a busy retail environment while ensuring safety, energy efficiency and durability.

High speed access

Coldshield supplied one rapid door in the loading dock, equipped with UPS backup battery power, ensuring uninterrupted operation during power outages. This high speed, rapid roll door provided quick and efficient access for employees, enhancing productivity and reducing energy loss. Bollards were also placed alongside the high-speed door to prevent accidental collisions.

Durability & efficiency

Five 4500 Series Thermal traffic doors were installed in both customer facing and storeroom locations. These doors were specifically chosen for their exceptional durability and high-impact resistance, catering to the needs of both pedestrian and trolleys within the store.

To maintain optimal temperature control and energy efficiency in the cold rooms and freezers, strip curtains were installed minimising the escape of cold air when the doors were opened. Furthermore, Coldshield installed bump rails in several offices, offering robust protection against accidental impacts and collisions.

Commitment to solutions

Coldshield’s solutions not only met the specific requirements of Woolworths, but also contributed to a safer, more energy-efficient and productive working environment. The long-term collaboration between Coldshield and Woolworths stands as a testament to Coldshield’s commitment to delivering innovative and reliable door and traffic management solutions. Contact Coldshield to discuss your requirements today.

An open Coldshield 4500 Series thermal swing traffic door leading throung to supermarket backroom. An open EX SERIES high speed, rapid door with UPS backup battery power in the loading dock area of a supermarket. A Coldshield 4500 Series swing traffic door inside a supermarket. Clear plastic PVC Strip curtains hung in the cool room doorway of a supermarket. Premium 4500 SERIES Swing traffic doors in the back area of a supermarket.

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Two Australian Coldshield employees looking at a custom doorway and solution plan including high speed traffic doors, and strip curtain system