When efficiency and sustainability are paramount, finding practical solutions to reduce energy consumption without compromising operational integrity is key. One such solution that stands out is the implementation of PVC strip curtains. These unassuming barriers offer a myriad of benefits, including substantial energy savings, as proven through expert analysis.

Coldshield's strip curtains are a formidable barrier against energy loss, particularly in environments where temperature control is critical. Comprehensive testing was conducted under the vigilant eye of independent engineer, Leroy Palmer & Associates (RPEQ5208), with remarkable results attained; a staggering 24% reduction in energy consumption was achieved when using the product. These results underscore the efficacy of PVC strip in preserving thermal stability and minimising heat exchange.

Graph showing the energy saving benefits of PVC strip curtains maintaining temperature in refrigeration, chillers and cold room.

Additional results were seen with improved freezer energy efficiency. 


Beyond mere energy savings, PVC strip curtains usage facilitates enhanced temperature stability. When used with a compatible mounting system the benefits and potential of door PVC strips are unbeatable. By effectively sealing off openings, these curtains mitigate temperature fluctuations, thereby curbing the onset of condensation and preserving the integrity of sensitive goods and equipment. In a controlled environment such as a cold room, where even minor deviations in temperature can have far-reaching implications, PVC curtains emerge as a reliable safeguard against thermal variability.


The utility of strip curtains extends far beyond conventional cold rooms, freezers and associated cold storage usages. These versatile barriers find application in various settings, including food production and processing, insulated vehicles, warehouses, welding areas, heavy industrial facilities, and entry/exit doorways.

Coldshield was successfully tasked with installing strip curtains during the new fit-out of Woolworth West End – effectively reducing the escape of cold air upon door opening. With custom manufacturing capabilities, Coldshield ensures that each PVC strip door is tailored to suit specific environmental demands, offering a tailored solution for every need.


A Coldshield PVC strip curtain delivers a comprehensive suite of benefits, transcending mere energy savings. By effectively controlling temperature, ice, insects, vermin, birds, noise, and visibility, these curtains offer unparalleled protection against environmental contaminants. Whether safeguarding perishable goods, preserving product quality, or ensuring employee comfort, PVC strip emerges as an indispensable asset in pursuing sustainable business practices.

As businesses strive to optimise energy usage and enhance operational efficiency, Coldshield stands ready to empower them with innovative solutions. By leveraging the proven efficacy of a PVC strip curtain, businesses can achieve substantial energy savings while fortifying their operational infrastructure against environmental challenges.


Opting for PVC strip curtains from Coldshield unlocks many benefits that extend well beyond mere insulation.

Coldshield boasts an extensive inventory in PVC products with over 60 styles and types of materials, providing a wide array of options in terms of colour, width, thickness, and grade suitability.

With a tailored and customisable curtain solution for any application, Coldshield ensures optimal efficiency and operational convenience, whether it's a bustling industrial doorway or a modest pedestrian entrance.  Contact Coldshield today to discuss your options.

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