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Why Movidor rapid roll doors?

Designed and manufactured in Australia, Coldshield's Movidor range of high speed, rapid roll doors are custom built to suit your individual application.

Each rapid roller door is the result of meticulous design, attention to detail and a deep sense of care throughout every stage of the manufacturing process. The final specifications, such as colour, size, integration with building design and specific functionality, are your choice.

The ultimate test of Coldshield high-speed doors can be seen in the quality and robust design, withstanding thousands of cycles and years of reliable, safe operation. With a constant focus on safety and total cost of ownership, our fast acting doors lead the industry.

Two closed rapid roll doors with blue bollards in front of one inside an industrial facility.

HS Series High Speed Doors

The HS Series high speed roller door range is ideal for largest or external doorways and offers custom size configurations. Different designs are available with opening speeds up to 2.5m/second based on usage requirements.

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Two closed blue high speed doors inside a factory.

EX Series High Speed Doors

The EX Series high speed door is a highly versatile and robust design configurable to suit almost any internal application requiring a fast, efficient and safe rapid roll door. The EX range combines unique design features, such as an integrated cross-linked safety light curtain, and has the ability to open at speeds of up to 3m/second.

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A set of three Movichill high speed insulated doors at a refrigerated warehouse.

Movichill High Speed Doors

The Movichill range of insulated high speed doors are an ideal choice when you require a reliable doorway solution for a temperature-controlled environment. Its double insulated ‘soft edge’ curtain design, combined with a heated door frame, plays a crucial role in minimising ice formation and ensuring safe, reliable operations in such environments.

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Costly call outs for repairs to your rapid roll doors are a thing of the past with the Movidor range of high speed doors.

Labelled as the self-repairing door, Coldshield’s rapid roll door range has a unique crash relocation system which will reliably re-insert the door curtain back into its guides in the event of accidental impact to the curtain during operation.

Industry-leading reliability is achieved through the simplicity of the design. Coldshield’s constant focus on low-maintenance design and cost-effective solutions bring you peace of mind that they will withstand the test of time.

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Fast, efficient operation of your door is critical to efficient traffic flow through your doorway. Coldshield's Movidor range can operate at speeds of up to 3m/second. The unique track and column design of our high speed doors allows the Movidor rapid roll door range to be one of the fastest doors in the market.

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The Movidor ‘soft edge' curtain design dramatically improves the safety of the door by eliminating the need for a ridged bottom bar. The use of photo-electric beams or integrated cross-linked light curtains increase safety compared to a traditional pressure sensitive bottom edge found on conventional rapid roll doors. A highly visible soft and flexible yellow bottom edge can be found on our range of doors allowing it to flex around an object without causing damage.

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A unique design approach has allowed the Movidor rapid doors to develop into the lowest maintenance range of high speed doors in the market. Coldshield range of doors contain fewer moving parts than other competitive products, which reduces the requirements of maintenance whilst proving a highly reliable product.

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Coldshield’s team of experts can customise and install the perfect solution to your doorway and access requirements. We source only premium quality parts and manufacture in our Australian factory, providing you with durable and low maintenance products that will withstand the test of time.

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