PVC Swing Doors

Coldshield's flexible PVC swing doors offer a low maintenance, cost-effective solution to help control your environment whilst not restricting the movement of personnel or goods. These PVC doors consistently excel in both large openings and high-traffic environments, showcasing exceptional strength and offering complete customisation options for optimal performance.

A forklift driving through 3000 Series PVC swing doors. PVC swing doors in a hospital theatre. A 2400 Series PVC swing door in a retail shop. Two PVC swing doors in front of a roller door in an industrial facility. Flexible PVC swing doors in a hospital. Flexible PVC swing doors in a meat processing factory. A PVC swing door and traffic door in a supermarket stock area. A hospital worker opening a PVC swing door in a hospital.

Fast, safe access with PVC doors

Capable of withstanding extremely high cycles with minimal maintenance, our 2400 Series and 3000 Series PVC swing doors are designed to be pushed open and then automatically close. Coldshield's range of see-through or coloured PVC hinged doors allow maximum movement of personnel or goods, with a minimal impact on operations and costs.

Robust swing doors

Coldshield’s flexible PVC door panels are fabricated from food-grade quality 7mm thick PVC panels. The strength of the Coldshield range of PVC swing doors can be attributed to aluminium door stiles and gussets, attractively powder-coated or anodised for protection. All doors are fitted with acetyl bearings, pivots, and stainless steel fasteners, providing you with strength and durability.

Our self-closing double swinging doors are extremely user friendly. The fully adjustable spring-loaded tension of the flexible PVC traffic doors allows them to be adjusted to suit all applications, from pedestrian to forklift traffic applications.









Key Features

Reduce energy costs

Reduces energy costs and acts as a barrier to prevent temperature changes.

Fall safe

All Coldshield swing doors are fitted with a flexible stainless steel cable, reducing the possibility of the door falling in the event of serious impact by pallet trolley or forklift.

Lubrication free

Components such as pivots, hinges, spring mechanisms and mounting hardware are all lubrication free and non-corrosive.

Food safe

PVC supplied by Coldshield is manufactured from virgin materials without heavy metal stabilisers such as cadmium, lead or barium zinc.

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Coldshield’s team of experts can customise and install the perfect solution to your doorway and access requirements. We source only premium quality parts and manufacture in our Australian factory, providing you with durable and low maintenance products that will withstand the test of time.

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